Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) Coming Soon?

After the announcement of Sony Alpha 200, there is a rumor of a possible launching of yet another Alpha series DLSR by Sony. No technical specification is released on the Internet but it is obvious that the main attraction shall be its swivel LCD display similar to the one on Olympus E-3. The latest camera released by Nikon the D300 and Canon the40D are equipped with the live view ability too.

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) LCD angle up

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) LCD angle up

It may be possible that Sony is planning on releasing a lower priced DSLR with live view ability in addition to the swivel feature. Current DSLR with live view ability are priced from USD1, 699.00, the Sony Alpha-LV may be priced at sub USD1, 000.00. Sony will be gaining more of the DSLR market share this year, 2008.

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Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) Back View

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) Front View

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) LCD low angle