Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 Manual

The Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 Manual is available for downloads.This 167 pages “bible” is what you need to get started on either of the Sony entry level dslr. Judge for yourself if it is worth it to make a purchase.

Sony Aplha DSLR-A350 A300 User Manual

Download Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 Manual

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64 thoughts on “Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 Manual”

  1. Dear Sir, thank you for alerting us to the manual which is now available.

    however, the link provided does not work. i’m sure it’s an oversight. look forward to it being corrected and working again.

    many thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if you have this same manual available in Spanish? If not, any ideas where I can find one? Thanks very much.

  3. Sony has got to have the worlds worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I should have known better than to buy another camera from them. Although, most of their equipment is good I am not sure that the frustration level I reach is justified. You would think that when you spend a thousand dollars for a camera (DSLR-A350) you would get some semblance of reasonable customer service. I am tempted to take the camera back to where I purchased it and buy an Olympus. Every time I try to access the user’s manual for this camera I either get a page with more info on the camera or I get an add for something I have absolutely no need for but does raise my blood pressure!
    And I assume somewhere in the world parts are sold for this camera that don’t show up on the parts page. Like the cable for the DC input port…..and what do you call the cable if you wanted to search for it???
    Frustrated user

  4. I heard this camera can shoot videos, like any other modern camera .. and yet I can’t seem to find out how to put it in movie mode.
    Thanks x

  5. Yes I have a DSLR-A300 and have just bought a new HP computor W/Windows Vista Premium Home 64-bit editions. I have just read the manuel and it says the accompaning software disk picture motion browser and viewing pictures from the Camera isn’t supported for this version of windows. Is it safe to download or not? And if not as is, are there any Helps available?


  6. Hi I just purchased the A350 in Shanghai where I live. Looks and feels great. I just wanted to know 2 questions.

    1. Can I get a hard copy English language version of the instruction manual sent to me? The manual I got was in Chinese but I also don’t want to download a 167 page instruction book which is in A4 size.

    2. The Sony A350 site is only in Chinese so I’m not sure how or where I can register for my warranty. Can I register for the international warranty on the Sony Australian site even if I bought it in China?

    Just a suggestion here….lots of other companies which have consumer operations in China also offer have an English language version website for China. There are more than 1 million expats living in China so one should not presume that only Chinese speakers and locals will want to access Sony info in China.

    Thanks for a great camera..keep it up.

  7. You may want to contact your local Sony Authorized Centre in regards of this matter. As for the english manual, you are able to print it in a small booklet size instead of A4 size, some adjustment in the printing menu will do the job.

    Enjoy your new Sony A350 and make sure you test some Zeiss lens on it too. :)

  8. Hi just have a question on the A350. I was just wondering does A350 have an option of talking a pic which is black and white as a whole and just the bit of the pic is coloured. for eg if taking a pic of a person the whole pic is b&w but may be her eyes are coloures in the pic. I know my friends camera which is cannon does this.
    Thank you

  9. I just bought a reconditioned a300 from Sony via a third party auctioneer online. The serial number has been soldered over! Very confusing for a manufacturer to do that.

    Is a there a service mode that can give me the device serial number via the device, so I can at least insure it? If so how do I access it?

  10. Hi there!,

    I just recently got a Sony dslr A350 and wondered if there might be a movie option on it as i cant seem to find it…


  11. I have sony a300 but the instruction language on the camera actually in japanese, so it could be change to english language. I have bought it in Japan on earley June 2009. So please tell me solution for it

  12. I have received information from my friend in japan that the camera produced in japan only have one language (japanese only). Is it possible to modified by using specific software to change the japanese language to english… Sorry about this. Thanks a lot

  13. Hey Johnny,

    I just bought a 350 here in Korea, and was at first disturbed by your post. I downloaded the manual in English, though, and found that there was a nice list of language options. Go to the icon of a wrench (on the far right side of the menu). Go down the list until you see a picture of a book with a letter in it (or something similar). When you select that, it opens a little window where you can see a couple of languages listed. You can then also scroll up and down in that window to find your language. One of those is Japanese. There’s also Thai, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English – probably French too, but I don’t specifically remember that. Pick your language, and the display changes!

    Yes, I know they’re Japanese cameras, but it would surprise me, since Japanese is one of the options, if they didn’t just all ship with the same software, pre-set to the language of the country they were to be shipped to.

    I hope this works for you!


  14. I have a Sony Alpha 350 I just got a new lenses its big and the lens without the hood block the flash, No problem I have a Hvl-f42am. But when I’m shooting with the flash wirelessly the built in flash goes off and I get the dark spot. How do I turn off the built in flash but still shoot wirelessly?????

  15. Can’t do it. I went through this a year ago, wanting to use a good flash on the camera and trigger one wireless. The only way to do it without using the on-board flash is to put the top-of-the-line flash on the camera and then you can use one of their wireless flashes as a slave. I don’t remember the model number of the top-end flash, but it is the only one that will do this. I don’t use falsh very often, so I bailed. Otherwise, I love this camera.


  16. With regards to the Sony Alpha Application Software. It does not support any Vista 64 bit version. If you install it you will get an error on reboot. Windows will be unable to load until you do a repair (which will revert to pre install).

    I had to pull out the old clunky 32 bit software just to install the Alpha App Software, what a shame.

  17. Greetings. Hoping someone can help. When I take a picture, the picture taken is actually lower than what I see in the viewfinder or in Live View. Can someone help me correct this? Thanks!

  18. Hi,
    I’ve just bought a a350 almost every thing is alright but once I come to turn the power off I can here noise like a vibration in the base of lens as if something functioning very forcely and another problem I couldn’t set up image to normal it has set in landscape there is some space remains on the top of LCD screen if I am taking the picture and image comes to low quality if I save as a pc background. Thank you.

  19. hi dhan
    the vibration you feel in the base of the lens is the sensor cleaning function, happens every time you turn off the unit.
    the creative style selection can only be changed in one of the manual modes P,A,S & M
    all the best
    have fun

  20. Hi mr #Sony…………Have been waiting with baited breath for the update that will fix the lack of mirror lock-up via a firmware update for my A350………………have spoken to a hell of a lot of folks that swear Sony will look after all of his/her customers??????????
    And secondly I still cant work out how to bracket more then the .3 or.7 pre-set in the continuous mode……..What I’m after is a full -2/0/+2 and how do I set up a bracket of 5???Buggered if your manual covers any of this, In a nutshell ……..HELP! or have I done my money?

  21. hi..
    I bought A350 japan version. all language is japanese.
    there is not have language setting in A350.
    How to change the language from japanese to english.
    there is a software or reseter may be???
    I dont understand.



  22. Got a same prob with teja…there is no language selection for english, also bought it on japan. Mine is a A330 model any firmware to upgrade?

  23. I have a question regarding Sony camera alpha 300. I am trying to learn the “Manual” mode when I am shooting. However the “Auto” mode is the most used because faster and more practical especially when the subject do not give you the time to adjust the shutter speed and the aperture.
    My girlfriend has also got a digital compact Sony Cyber-shot camera (7.2 megapixel). During our holiday (she as a tourist and my self as a professional photographer) we took some pic to the same subject both in “Auto” mode. With my regret (and ashamed) her picture were far and away better then my ones. Her exposures and the apertures were well-chosen from her compact camera.
    I.e. a shoot to a waterfall in her pic the water was clear and the splashes well definite instead in my one no; a shoot to a footprints in the snow her pic were clear and well definite in term of shadow instead my pic was completed white.
    Why the “auto” mode does not work properly in my Sony camera? Are there some setting I have to adjust?
    Also I took some night pic to some skyscrapers in “M” mode and with a tripod. I tried al possible combination of aperture, exposure and focus method and the result was disappointing. The pic was not focused and too dark even with a long exposure.

  24. Hi i purchased a sony DSLR alpha 330 from Japan. It is very good but the only problem is the entire language is in Japanese, can i change the language to English

  25. im richard i have a problem with my sony a350 i dont have english manual because it is japanese version… kindly pls help me,,,, tnx

  26. Hi.
    I brought an alpha330 from japan, all language is japanese.
    Is it possible to change the language…………? any software upgradation or resetting the software .. some thing like to change the language….. may be.?

    I need Help

  27. hi all. Hoping someone can help. same issue as TRon 07 Sep 2009 at 7:06 pm
    When I take a picture, the picture taken is actually lower than what I see in the viewfinder or in Live View. Can someone help me correct this? Thanks!

  28. how after I have zoomed in on a picture and trimmed it to required area do I store that cutdown picture on my A350 ?? Help please

  29. I have the same problem as # TR on 07 Sep 2009 and # Steve on 21 May 2010.

    I have a Sony a350 and the photograph is lower than the viewfinder or live view frame. When I tip the camera upside down the photograph is ok which makes me think that the sensor has slipped down.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

      1. I lose about 16% of the right hand side of the image and gain 16% of unwanted image on the left.
        Fair enough, I dropped it about 3 feet onto smooth rock up there on top in Arches National Park, Utah. But, there was no sign of any damage and I continued with my vacation shooting about 400 raw + full size jpegs.
        Maybe I dislodged something and did not notice because I was only shooting snapshot landscapes? BUT!!! Sony must know about this problem, it’s all over the forums. By not doing anything more than “fixed price repairs”, they are not doing themselves any favours (of course they’re used to that, but not alone in this grasping, clutching world)
        Ironically, here in the EU, we have a two year warranty that the manufacturers do not want you to know about, but my receipt has faded to unreadable in less than half of that time frame (neat eh?) and of course, they have no idea of when the camera was purchased do they?
        They’ve probably forgotten when they made it too….

        1. I had this happen to my camera when I first got it. I didn’t find out until I was shooting a wedding. The sensor had slipped. You can check to see if it has slipped by going into your menu. Scroll all the way through to the last screen and there will be a cleaning mode. Select ok to begin the cleaning mode. Take the cover off of the front of the camera and without a lens attached look in to the insides of your camera. At the back will be a reflective surface, if you cannot see any spaces around this surface the sensor is fine. If there are spaces around this surface a bracket has broken and the sensor has slipped. I sent mine into sony while it was under warranty and they fixed it for no charge. But I also had never dropped my camera and there was no evidence on the housing that it had ever been dropped. Good luck!

  30. The download for the manual is not working, I also tried in sony’s website but the download is not working, pls advise.

  31. hi,
    I have got an sony alpha 330 camera but it has the language setting in japanese. can i change the language in the camera to english. if i can how? thanks

  32. I borrowed my friend’s A300. It worked fine taking pictures, but then it locked up. When I press any of the buttons (menu, picture taking, etc.), nothing works and it will no longer take a picture. I’ve tried taking the battery out and when I put the battery back in, the camera does automatically take a picture, so it seems it is a software issue. I don’t know if something happened when I hooked it up to my computer to download pictures or if I hit something by accident that locked it up as I was trying to find the view pictures mode before I downloaded. Any suggestions? My friend is being very understanding but obviously it’s my responsbility to fix this.


    1. I have exactly the same behaviour, out of the sudden my Sony Alpha 300 locked up and I could not do anything to get it work again. I tried it with battery removal, pressing key combinations… but nothing seem to help.
      Any hint would be very appreciated!

  33. i have charged my Sony A350 battery. At 80% the camera was working, i then turned the camera off and took the battery out and charged it again. When it was fully charged i put the battery back in and it will not turn on.

  34. I have the A300. Had the ‘locking up’ problem a few times too. What I found was that if I took the lens off and reattatched it, it would work fine again. Dirty connection probably. Works every time for me!

  35. the issue i am having is the card will not read, none will.

    someone told me to format but when you put the card in the camera, it gives me a white screen that says “unable to use card”. it will not let me format it. any suggestions as to what to do about this.

  36. download link for sony manual not working, starts out ok but the pdf is an empty document when finished. Can it be sent as a word document.

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  38. I have Sony DSLR-alpha -300 camera. I need to take long exposure pictures for astronomy purposes. How can I set up this camera to stay open as per my needs that can go 30 minutes or longer?

  39. I Will have to return again whenever my course load lets up – however I am taking your Feed so i could go through your blog offline. Cheers.

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