Kiklop tests Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 at

Kiklop of dyxum talks about the new Sony Alpha DS:R-A350. He tested the camera with a number of lenses, keeps on updating the thread and. He also mentioned about the built of the new Sony DSLR-A350.

Some of his quotes:

A comparison of Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 and DSLR-A350:

a350 ISN’T anything like a700; if you ever wondered why should one pay for a700 if he can get a350 for less money and greater resolution sensor then rest assured that a700 outperforms this entry model in almost every aspect: ergonomics, response and capabilities are way better on a700.
The price difference is IMHO very adequate .. a350 seems very capable camera for the money but it is evident that Sony made some efforts in not compromising a700 sales.

The DSLR-A350 built:

Some questions were made about quality (durability) of the provided swivel LCD screen. My impression is that this shouldn’t be of too much concern since the build quality seems quite solid for an entry level model.

General Opinion:

Anyway, using first grade glass with a350 (at lower ISO) one can get excellent results in terms of resolution. I used CZ135, CZ16-80 and Sony 35/1.4 today and all lenses performed great with a350 (I have some OOF images and will need to test again for BF tomorrow).
In the next few days i will bring some more common lenses including some old minolta ones and the kit lens; just to match a350 with what most users may use with it.

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