Sony Alpha DLSR-A300 review by NYtimes

David Pogue of NYtimes spent some time with Sony Alpha DSLR-A300. He commented mostly about is live view feature and also mentioned that using the A300 can feel a lot like using a compact camera. That’s precisely what Sony was hoping; it’s aiming this 10-megapixel model ($763 with starter 4X zoom lens) at people who are graduating from pocket cameras to something more serious.



In his two-paged review, he concluded that:


The A300 is a home run for its intended audience: first-time S.L.R. owners. It’s more camera for the money than its closest competitors from Canon or Nikon. It’s a pleasure to hold and to use; the pictures generally look superb; and the uncompromised Live View feature and tilting screen grant you shots you simply can’t get with other S.L.R.’s.

Until recently, S.L.R. stood for single-lens reflex. But on the A300, it has a whole new meaning: Sony’s Live-View Revolution.

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