PCWorld Reviews Sony Alpha DLSR-A700

Tracey Capen compared the Sony Alpha A700 with Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10k, Samsung GX-10 and Canon EOS 30D.


Image bracketing options in the A700 are extensive: In addition to the usual automatic exposure bracketing, it has white balance, flash bracketing with one shot, and two levels of dynamic-range bracketing. This latter feature is useful in scenes with extremely high contrast. In a test shot that included the interior of a room and a window with a bright outdoor scene, turning up the dynamic range greatly improved shadow detail, though with a slight overexposure of the highlights.

My informal test shots with the A700 were mostly up to expectations. I was impressed with their overall sharpness, especially in macro (close-up) images. In photos with deep shadow and bright highlights, the A700 delivered significantly more shadow detail than did the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10K, the Samsung GX-10, or my Canon 30D reference camera. Color balance seemed a bit erratic, though.

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