Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 Review by Imaging Resource

Imaging Resources reviewed Sony Alpha DSLR-A350, the sub USD$900 entry level camera with Live-View looks good on the specification sheet, and according to the review, it looks just amazing for end users who would like to enjoy dslr quality photos but only has minimal knowledge in photography.

Sony A350 vs Rebel XSi at ISO 1,600. The Sony A350’s ISO 1,600 performance is quite good, especially considering the very small pixel size at 14-megapixels (top image). The Canon Rebel XSi below retains a little more detail at 1,600, but the larger pixel size of its 12-megapixel sensor may be a factor in its favor.

ISO 3,200 is good as well, despite the early noise suppression in RAW that many enthusiasts will distrust. The printed results at 3,200 are good enough for a good 5×7, which is what most consumers will want. That’s pretty rare from any camera.

They’re simple to use and take good pictures, and you don’t have to wade through complicated menus to use them. It’s refreshing.

Shawn’s conclusion about Sony Alpha DSLR-A350

The only real dilemma presented to those interested in a Sony digital SLR is which one to pick. Though the Sony A200 has an advantage in its low price and larger optical viewfinder, the A350 has the very fast AF in Live View mode with that nice tilting LCD screen. So the true bargain may be the 10-megapixel Sony A300, available for $200 less than the A350 and only $100 more than the A200 when each is purchased with the 18-70mm lens. As for resolution, though the A350 does give you a higher number over the A200’s 10.2 megapixels, the printed results are actually pretty similar across the ISO range.


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