Tech News Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 Review

Kamakshi Palakodety talks about Sony DSLR-A350. The long article focus on almost every aspect of the A350 from the outside to inside. Following is some extract from the review.

A new feature in the A350 is the Smart Teleconverter 2x zoom button. Operative in the live mode only, this button zooms the scene by as much as twice the original picture. The A350 effectively crops the image from the 14.2 megapixel down to wither 7.1 megapixel or 3.8 megapixel while getting rid of the blur associated with reducing the resolution drastically. The cropping only results in 91% of the coverage, whereas the optical viewfinder gives 95% coverage.

Due to its wider screen, the A350 shows more information to the user in any given mode. In normal mode, a battery icon shows the “percent remaining” indicator. Thus, along with the battery status, the percentage of charge left is also shown. In the Love View mode, the screen displays the shutter speed, aperture and the Super SteadyShot meter in the lower right corner of the screen. Upon pressing the Display button, a histogram view pops up, this includes a small, semi-translucent histogram in the lower left corner along with basic information across the bottom. In case we want a text free screen, a mode with nothing overlaying the image area is also provided.

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