Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 review by DPreview has just posted their review of the Sony Alpha A100.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Below is some advantages that they think of the debut Sony Alpha.

Conclusion – Pros

  • Excellent resolution, plenty of detail although no leap over eight megapixels
  • Vibrant color response, similar hues to other digital SLR’s
  • About a third of a stop more sensitive than indicated
  • Neutral tone response with soft roll-off in highlights
  • In-body SteadyShot system provides about 2 stops of additional shutter speed latitude
  • All your lenses become ‘SteadyShot’ at no extra cost
  • Extra highlight detail using the High Key Hi200 setting
  • In-hardware Dynamic Range Optimization, works best in Advanced mode
  • Eye Start AF can be an advantage in certain circumstances (useful for ‘priming’ AF)
  • Good build quality but slightly lighter-weight plastic than expected, compact design
  • Easy to use Function dial for changing settings without using the menu
  • Smart mirror lock-up implementation (mirror is always locked up with the self-timer)
  • Unlimited continuous shooting in JPEG mode (with a reasonably fast CF card)
  • Excellent CF throughput (the fastest we’ve recorded to date, 13 MB/sec for RAW)
  • Excellent USB 2.0 throughput when used in Mass Storage device mode
  • Supplied software good, interesting ‘Picture Motion Browser’
  • Good battery life

Check it out here.