Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 Review by CNET

CNET reviews Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 and gives the following rating:

  • Editors’ rating: 7.0 Very good
  • The good: In-body image stabilization; supports wireless flash.
  • The bad: Loud; Sony doesn’t have a stable of inexpensive lenses for consumers; oddly located, proprietary USB connector.
  • The bottom line: The Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 is a solid entry-level dSLR that doesn’t really stand out in its very competitive field.

In addition ,they have concluded that:

On the whole, the A200’s photos looked okay, if unexceptional. It renders reasonable, if somewhat warm or cool automatic white balance, depending upon the lighting. In standard mode, exposures seem skewed too much toward the midtones–probably to avoid blown-out highlights–so images look a bit low contrast. Its noise profile looks good until ISO 800, at which point color artifacts become obvious, but that’s par for the course on low-end SLRs. And the kit lens we tested produced soft photos.

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